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Мероприятия весны 2021

  • с 1 по 21 Апреля - Акселератор проектов
  • 22 Апреля - DemoDay Presentation Russia - презентация проектов международного Акселератора перед российскими инвесторами
  • 27 Апреля, 12:00 - семинар: Customers & Feedback 
  • 29 Апреля, 13:00 - семинар: Business Model  
  • 12 Мая, 14:00 - семинар: Teamwork
  • 18 Мая, 12:00 - семинар: Funding 
  • 20 Мая, 13:00 - семинар: Internationalization
  • 24 Мая, 12:00 - семинар: Go-to-market strategy 
  • 31 Мая, 11:00 - DemoDay Finland - международная презентация проектов международного Акселератора перед международными инвесторами 
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Все мероприятия проходят online (в Zoom). 

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Программа семинаров с 27 апреля по 24 Мая 

семинары буду проводиться на английском языке

27 Апреля. Customers & Feedback 

This workshop's goal is to familiarize the teams to the process of continuous gathering of feedbackfrom customers. Customer feedback is essential in product development and business strategy.Customer feedback in detail, is the process of getting the necessary information from the targetcustomer that ensures, or validates, the team's assumptions about their behavior. A business thatuses collected customer feedback in decision making, will be: 

  • More resource efficient
  • More cost effective
  • More adaptable to change 
For instance, Team-A assumes that their target customer will want to use a customized operatingsystem in their manufacturing process. Team-A builds the operating system with 100,000€ and whenthey launch it, the customer does not want to pay extra for it, because they thought it was easier tointegrate the Team's manufacturing process into the existing operating system which they are alreadyfamiliar with. Team-A could have asked or observed the behavior of their customer and built anintegrated OS for 30,000€. As a result, Team-A wasted 70,000€ and months of work. 

Coach: Marko Taipale
Marko is an expert consultant in effective business development and has helped multiple companies find the services and products worth developing through lean- and agile methods. Marko has coached both large companies, such as GE, and numerous smaller growth startups in their acceleration process.

29 Апреля. Business Model

In Business Model workshops with the assistance of the professional, teams perfect their business models. The coach introduces the key components of a customer driven business model and gives feedback to the teams for their proposed models.

Coach: Jyri Arponen
Jyri has over 25 years of experience in business development, internationalization and growth strategies with an extensive scope in different industries and deep knowledge of sustainable businesses, technologies and innovation networks. He has helped improve the performance of various companies through customer driven business models.

12 Мая. Operations and Teamwork

In this workshop the teams solidify their teamwork with the help of the coach. Operations workshopcovers the day-to-day activities of operating a dynamic business and working in a team. 
Coach: Virpi Haavisto
For over 30 years, performance coach Virpi Haavisto has supported teams, talents, leaders and professionals to develop their team dynamics, organisation skills, creative work as well as their interaction skills and well-being. Virpi has coached and mentored multiple entrepreneurs, scientists and startups with their meaningful goals and aspirations.

18 Мая. Funding 

Funding workshop introduces the teams to the fundamentals of startup funding, such as differentforms of fundraising. The professional includes key points that make a startup stand out to investors.This workshop can be divided between Finnish and Russian teams to get country specific information.For example, Russian teams would get insight into how to acquire funding in Finland and vice versa. 
Coach: Antti Viitanen, Kasper Suomalainen
Antti works at Finnish Business Angels Network, one of the largest business angel networks in the world, connecting startup companies to investors. Accompanying Antti’s knowledge of startup ecosystems, he has a special expertise in the business angel industry and in the expectations of business angels.Kasper Suomalainen is an Investment Manager at Superhero Capital, who will bring the point-of-view of the VC's into the workshop. 

20 Мая. Internationalization 

In this workshop, the professional introduces the essentials of growth and scaling and the teams formtheir growth strategies. In addition, the team's get a look into how a growth startup operates in termsof hiring, for instance. In this workshop the teams can also get information about different markets,such as Finnish and Russian markets.
Coach: Saku Pitkänen
Saku has 15 years of experience in business consulting, internationalization and business development of both large and small companies with a special knowledge of value propositions for international customers. Saku has worked in international trade, commercial business management and leadership in companies such as Unilever and Mondelez.

24 Мая. Go-to-market strategy 

In go-to-market strategy workshop, with the help of the professional, the teams attempt to answer thequestion "how/when/where is our solution brought to the market?" Go-to-market strategy workshopcovers the fundamentals of GTM strategy, which follows the created business model canvas, such as:How to create a good GTM plan, identifying target segment (niche or early adopters), acquisitionchannels, customer journey and relevant metrics. A good go-to-market strategy is an essentialprocess for startups to gain traction (revenue/customers) fast. 
Coach: TBA

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