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Course: Sustainable Development 2022

February 2 to May 24: 18 modules (each 10 hours, 1-2 modules per week)
May 25: completion of the coursework.
A 180-hour training program for Russian corporate clients based on master's programs of two Finnish universities - world leaders in the field of sustainable development: Lappeenranta Technological University and Polytechnic University of Turku.
Registered certificate for trained and completed all homework tasks (issued and submitted them in the format of Coursework) and: 

  • All training: online (ZOOM). 
  • The basic language of the course is English. 
  • Synchronous translation into Russian. 
  • All lectures are recorded and laid out in the Course group. Both English and Russian versions of lectures. 
  • All presentations are posted to the course group. 
  • All materials and methods are laid out in the course group. 
  • All materials and guidelines and presentations are duplicated in Russian. 
Each module
  • on WEDNESDAYS - (zoom) lecture. 
  • after lecture - execution of the hometask (independently). 
  • on MONDAYS - (zoom) seminar with speakers answers to questions from homework and lectures. 
PS: there are additional modules for independent study. 

01. Introduction to sustainable development.
02. Introducing a closed cycle into the economy.
03.International and European climate policies.
04.Open and confirm ESG information.
05. Transition to a stable system.
06. Connection of food, energy and water.
07.Biological cycle in the circular economy.
08. Technical cycle in the circular economy.
09. Energy economy.10. Bio-energetics.
11. Business and sustainability.
12. Circular economics of materials processing.
13. Processes of processed products production.
14. Recycling of materials in the circular economy.
15. Waste management.
16. Product design in closed-loop economics.
17. Life Cycle Analysis.
18. System changes and megatrends. 

1.The subject of coursework is chosen by the listener himself.
2.The course item shall be useful to the Company that sent the student for training and is related to the Course topic.
3.Course work has 18 tasks (by the number of modules).
4.The tasks are given to each module (after the Lecture) and they must be performed to each Seminar of each module.
5.At the every Seminar, the Teacher answers the questions of students on the performance of the Task.
6.Sequentially, from module to module, performing tasks, listeners work through the topic of Coursework.
7.By the end of the 18th module, the course work is automatically adjusted.
8.Coursework finishes with presentation of results of Coyrsework on special zoom session. 

1.Passed ALL modules and
2.Having done ALL tasks (for all modules)
3.and Having executed all the performed tasks in the form of a single course work on the subject of interest to the Client Company, on the topic of Cyclical Economy and/or ESG. 

REGISTRATION ON COURSE for the target groups of the NPBSF project (small and medium-sized enterprises from the areas of cross-border cooperation of the ENI program 2014-2020: South-East Finland and the Russian regions of St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, the Republic of Karelia) is CANCELED.