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Sustainable Development in the 21st Century

IOFFE-LUT accelerator's zoom-conference “Sustainable Development in the 21st Century”.
date: 26 of January 2022.
participation: online.
duration: 1,5 - 2 hours (up to 120 minutes).
task: to give an introduction to the topic, to get acquaint with the subject, to give an idea of ​​the structure of the training program for specialists in the field of Sustainable development in 21st century and to make it clear to the participants that after completing the training program they will develop recommendations of the Sustainable development for their company.

Program of the conference [topics of reports]: International/EU climate policy; Disclosure and verification of ESG-information; Green Financing & Lending; Introduction to Sustainability; Introduction to Circular Economy; Sustainable System Transition; The Food-Energy-Water Nexus; Technology and Society; Solid Waste Management Technology; Biological Cycle in Circular Economy; Technical Cycle in Circular Economy; Energy in Traffic Systems; Energy Economics; Bioenergy; Business and Sustainability; Life Cycle Assessment in Circular Economy; Circular Economy for Materials Processing; Manufacturing Processes for Recyclable Products; Recycling Processes for Materials in Circular Economy. 

Speakers: training program teachers and experts of LUT | Ioffe-LUT accelerator. The topic of each report coincides with the topic of the course and the speaker's task is to explain the importance of the topic that the course is devoted to, to say what the course is about (essence), to briefly explain the importance of knowledge of the course for business, to briefly present the structure of the course. lecture duration: minimum 10 - maximum 15 minutes.

Conference language: English with translation into Russian.