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Ioffe-LUT Demo Day Suomi 2020.1

May 27, 2020 Ioffe-LUT DemoDay 

DemoDay passed online

Language: English


10:50 Zoom Conference opening
11:00 Opening remarks
11:05 Presentations of projects: 

  • Graphene technologies
    High quality and cheap graphene and its derivatives mass production
  • Applied Encapsulation Technologies
    Bioactive additives for “oral-care” cosmetics 
  • Ledonrail
    LED railway signal system 
  • Oceanika
    Underwater drone Oceanika kit for children: environmental studies and robotics project 
  • GraphSensors
    High performance and cost-effective graphene-based Electronic nose for gas mixtures and odour analysis 
  • Kibron
    Surface tensiometers 
  • SmartFit
    Revolution in a healthy lifestyle through Vitamine Cashback 
  • PlasmaBin
    Homescale utility recycling machine for biodiesel production 
  • Plywood
    Formable furnitures 
  • Voice Back
    Voice feedback with instant delivery and analytics for cafes, restaurants and more 
  • AOLS
    Autonomous optical landing system for UAVs 
  • Bastet
    Autonomous robot for warehouses 
  • GraphApta
    Graphene based complex solution for infectious diseases diagnosis and monitoring at home 
13:50 Feedback
14:00 Closing 

Ioffe-LUT Accelerator is established by Ioffe Institute (St.Petersburg, Russia) and Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT (Lappeenranta, Finland) under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme the "South-East Finland-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020". Territory of activity: Finland-South Karelia, Russia-City of Saint Petersburg. Duration: from 1 of june 2019 till 31 of May 2022.